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Royal Computers Security Solutions empower organizations to anticipate, manage and mitigate security, safety and operational risks in real time, and to thoroughly investigate and reconstruct incidents for future prevention and prosecutorial evidence. Powered by leading-edge technology made possible by a focused and ongoing commitment to R&D, Royal Computers unmatched portfolio of integrated solutions fit tomorrow's needs today.

To date, there are many different systems and ways of protecting the objects and territories. With the rapid market development of technical means of protection, the manufacturers offer a wide range of security solutions.

Royal Computers has become so much less expensive over the years that both large and small shops are adept to establish cameras as a deterrent against robbery and robbery, a perform, which municipal administration have taken up as a way of curtailing misdeed in public lodgings and even on city streets.

We offer a variety of budget to high-end Crystal clear CCTV systems; CCTV Cameras for local observation. We also offer IP Cameras and IP DVR's for remote surveillance over the internet from anywhere in the world, at any time.

We can advise each customer on their individual needs and requirements so you can make an easy choice of security equipment. We can also install, maintain and upgrade or advise on all aspects of CCTV systems and equipment for home, office and large business installations.

We help to protect your business.

  • Protect against theft and vandalism

  • Internal loss prevention inventory & time

  • Increase employee production

  • Project monitoring/work site assessment

  • Customer and employee safety