About us

We are an experienced and innovative systems and technology company offering strategic integration and business services.

PC & Laptops

We provide All Branded Computers, PC's and their Sale & Service to our Cutomers

Need CCTV Solutions

Our main aim to provide high quality and reliable, security system services


Installation, Mobile Support & Guidence

We can also install, maintain and upgrade or advise on all aspects of CCTV systems and equipment for home, office and large business installations. We can advise each customer on their individual needs and requirements so you can make an easy choice of security equipment.


HI-TECH is a Brand Neutral Co. i.e. we deal in all major Brands like DELL, HP, IBM, Acer, HI-TECH (i.e. our own brand of Servers, completely based on Intel Components & Intel Architecture)

Brand: DELL, HP, IBM, Acer, HI-TECH